Saturday, September 30, 2006

Backyard Firepit for Free!

Last year, I really wanted a firepit for marshmallow roasts etc, but we just couldn't justify the money or time.
So.. a few months ago, I prayed and asked God to provide a way.

Last month, somebody freecycled a broken down concrete wall to me, and the bricks were EXACTLY the size and number to make the pit.

Husband has been overwhelmed with other more important projects, that I decided to tackle it myself. (after prayer, of course! )

First, I dug out a rectangle the right size and depth for one layer of bricks , then I just laid them out to make a box, then three more layers, and it was finished, the blocks fit together like they'd been hand picked for the project.. even the broken ones ended up fitting perfectly.. I also ended up with a little ledge to put a grill (rack saved from our old oven). I worked on it for 2 hours from first shovel full of dirt to finish.. then I scrounged around the yard and made two stools (logs on end), and a bench (board on bricks) and was done in time to fix dinner !

I'm always surprised, although I know I shouldn't be.. at just how much the Lord cares about me... even the small things I may want or need... He is willing and able to fulfill the very desires of my heart!

Now.. we're all set for my son's b-day party on Monday.
Our first marshmallow roast!


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