Friday, September 01, 2006

More Ways to Save

Medical bills:
1. Everybody see the same Doctor!
Take the time to find a good Family Practitioner that will treat your whole family. Not only are they more flexible and available than specialists... but if you do a good job choosing (aka.. always ask!) they'll be willing to call in antibiotics if you all fall prey to Strep Throat at the same time. You'll save money, time, and hassle if your family has a good Family Doctor. Bonus.. making appts, getting refills, and payment options are more flexible with a Family MD.
Tip.. look for designation "Family Practioner" esp if you have children or elderly. Most General Practitioner's won't treat young children or do OBGYN checks.

2. If you have alot of medications... check out your RX options. For example.. online pharmacies, Sam's club pharmacies and "Discount RX" stores might be worth looking into.

3. Use your medical savings account benefit if you have one. Unless you never get sick, don't wear glasses, and don't see the dentist.. you should use it. They are easier to use than ever before, and you can get reimbursed for everything from co-pays, elective surgery and root canals to contact lense solution.

4. Plan ahead. If you are going to have a baby next year.. make sure your insurance selections reflect that. Dental insurance and vision insurance are good places to look for "plan ahead" options.

5. Stay healthy. A little investment in vitamins (C!), exercise and avoiding bad habits (drugs, smoking, drinking, illicit activity, over eating, fast food) will save you huge amounts of money over a lifetime. A strong immune system is your best defense.. and it is usually the fruit of living frugally (avoiding vice is exceedingly frugal!)

6. The internet is your friend. Here's a good place to start More Frugal Medical here!


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