Monday, August 21, 2006

Surveys for cash!

I've been doing paid surveys for about two years now. The very best survey company is Pinecone research. However.. they don't let you just sign up.. you have to be referred... so... as they are now taking referrals for Men ages 17-24... here is the link! Pinecone pays $5.00 per survey and sends out checks to arrive within a week after each study. I'm not in their favorite target demographics.. but even so.. I get around $50.00 a year, and each survey usually only takes 10-15min.

Males 17-24, Sign up here, one per household!

Some of the other survey companies I've tried have NEVER paid out, and others have so-called "Screening" surveys that seem to be actual surveys and then will say "sorry, you don't qualify", after a fifteen minute survey.
Pinecone isn't one of those.. if you get a survey email.. and you fill it out.. you'll get the $5.00 every time.. and no wasted time. So.. if you are looking for another income stream, consider Pinecone. If you want to do Pinecone, but aren't a male 17-24yo... check in periodically at Phoenix Freebies in their survey forum.. because they'll post any referral codes for Pinecone as soon as they can.

My children have each gotten payouts from Weekly Readers ages 5+ and my daughter has earned about $30.00 last year through Kidzeyes ages 6+.

I'll post more of my "Paid Survey" winners next week.


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