Saturday, August 19, 2006

Homeschool - The Frugal Choice

I just posted this on my homeschool blog. I've given a breakdown of savings.. in brief...(read the whole post if you want the detailed version)...

Annual Savings for my three school-aged children, ages 8 (3rd grade), 6 (1st grade) and 4(preK4):

$2142.24 saved by Homeschool V Public School
$9132.00 saved by Homeschool V Private School

In an effort to further reduce costs... I can tell you that we also visit the DR's alot less frequently than most families with "schooled" children, and spend far less on medicine.. Mainly because we aren't exposed to the constant barrage of unwashed hands/sniffly noses and such that keep schools covered in germs.

I've got friends who have Homeschool HighSchoolers.. and although their books tend to be a little pricier.. it still would cost them at least double or triple to send their child to Public school.. and at least 10X to send to private school.

Considering that most Homeschoolers score far and away above the national average on SAT tests.. Homeschool does seem to be an extraordinary value.


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