Friday, September 01, 2006

Local Entertainment

Instead of spending cash for concert tickets... this time of year has ripe pickings for free concerts, festivals and other free entertainment possibilities.

Just this week, I picked up a calendar full of great happenings for September for our nearest big city.My source!
Among the offerings for September... 12 free concerts, including jazz, classical, Chinese, bluegrass, Rock, country and thats not counting the dozen or so gospel concerts held in churches.

While spending money on entertainment is unfrugal and unwise when trying to get out of debt... adding enjoyment and cultural opportunities is a great way to not feel "deprived". So.. do some research and go somewhere free, fun and frugal this weekend. I also like City Guide as a search tool for local happenings.


Blogger DEBTective said...

Great idea, babe. You're doing a great job looking for the deals and living frugally while you deep-six your debt and connect with your cash. Way to go! Keep at it and show your debt who's boss!

12:40 PM  

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