Tuesday, September 26, 2006

U-pick Farms and Orchards

We had a homeschool "field" trip today. After violin lessons, we went to an apple orchard to meet with another homeschooling family. They were late, and while we waited, we picked raspberries.

This was my second time to pick raspberries there this year and the price was still fabulous. $ 1.50 a POUND! for RASPBERRIES! Wow!

My total bill for the outing (besides fuel to get there) was $ 46.00.

That bought

1/2 bushel mixed apples
6-7 cups of raspberries
4 perfect pie pumpkins
6 smallish gourds for the table centerpiece
1 gallon cider

3 super large red bell peppers (really heavy ones)
1 # green beans
1/2 dozen sweet corn (they were incredibly sweet too)

1 huge jar of honey
6 honey sticks (treats for the children)
2 Creme brulee scented votives (they smelt like caramel apples, I couldn't resist).

2 cider slushes
2 child's ciders

We spent six hours there and the children had a fabulous time (me too! :D ).

For affordable fun, great food bargains and a chance to make great memories.. I highly recommend a U-pick near you!


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