Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Astonishingly Unfrugal things people do


Astonishingly UnFrugal things other people do...

1. Going out to eat all the time.. saying and I quote "It's cheaper than having to buy ingredients and cook at home!".

2. Use coupons to buy stuff that is still a lousy deal. An example.. Buying expensive frozen dinners for a family of six... (3.50 each without coupon.. 2.95 after) when the children will still be starving after eating their 6 oz Lean cuisine meal. For 17.70, I can fix a huge potroast dinner, big enough to feed 12 hungry eaters, or a 20 serving lasagne, or three hearty chicken dinners to feed 6. Some things aren't a bargain no matter how big the discount.

3. Using 35mm film. Digital is the frugal choice here. Not only is it cheaper.. but it's easier to store those snapshots you aren't sure you want to put in albums right now.

4. Throw away leftovers and then fix sandwiches for lunches.... Just put the leftovers away in a lunch sized container, toss in a plastic fork, napkin, and drink. When we get lunch meat.. I figure it costs an average of $2.00 per sandwich for fixings. Compare that to using healthier, homecooked and "free" leftovers! If you end up with more than one serving of something.. put them away in serving size containers in the freezer.. just pop one in a lunch bag, and you won't need to add the frozen cooler thing.

5. Taking little boys to get their hair buzzed at a barbershop. It costs at least $6.00 per head at the barbers.. and it only costs $35.00 for a decent WAHL clipper set with instructions. You can't mess up a buzz cut, so why not do it yourself?
The instructions even show how to do other styles as well.. and it's not that hard. It takes me about 15min per head, and I'm still using the clippers I bought five years ago. I've been doing DH's hair too.. he likes a buzz cut in the summer, and I'm practicing on the boys for DH's normal winter cut.


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