Saturday, September 23, 2006

I love Krogers.....

In the 13+ years I've been a homemaker, many supermarkets have been available to me.

Payless, Marsh, Shop and Save, Piggly Wiggly, Winn Dixie, JayC, Jewel, and such.

Not to mention super-centers like the super Walmarts, Targets, K-marts, Meijer, etc.

The one that has held my affection the longest is Krogers.

Ah... Krogers.

The reasons I like Kroger stores are numerous... but.. since I'm blogging about it, I'll list some of them.

1. Krogers usually has 90% of my list on a GOOD sale. Better than I could get with a coupon somewhere else. It doesn't seem to matter what I need, I'm sure to find it on sale for a good price (and I do comparison shop, so I know!).

2. Kroger routinely has their excellent no additive cheese, sour cream, and 2qt. Acidouphilous milk on sale for $1.00. Also, just about every other normal thing I buy goes on sale for $1.00 about once a month. Not to mention nearly always carrying medium eggs for around $.58.

3. Krogers has super fresh produce, (including organic!) that is also on sale when I need it. A sparkling clean deli and meat counter, where they will slice roasts for me for free! (you know, those $1.87 lb pork or round roasts?)

4. Krogers's is laid out sensibly, and they don't keep moving the aisles. You can get milk and bread and bananas without wearing out your legs by circling the entire store.

5. The customer service people and clerks are nearly always polite and friendly. I still get asked if I need help out with my bags at Krogers. (and I'm not an old lady either).

6. Krogers let me sign up for their customer card using the name "King Kong" and 12345 Adams St, USA on the form, the lady said it didn't matter what I put down, and that no number was necessary. Granted.. this was about eight years ago.. they might be sticklers for accuracy now, who knows.

7. They have carts that look like race cars.. and get this.. they seat TWO children and have TWO steering wheels. This same cart has a little shelf for my coupon book/purse/whatever.

8. The managers have always been nice (mind now, I've had 6 major moves, and Krogers has been consistent for that long), and if I ask them to get something special in.. they WILL, and act like it's a pleasure. When I have a complaint (rarely) it's taken care of immediately and appropriately.

9. Along those lines... I can special order stuff online from Krogers. Check it out here
I can also see the flyers online, which is nice when they fail to materialize in the mailbox.

10. Krogers doubles coupons (except when they triple them :D ), doesn't demand ID for a credit/debit card purchase, and will give me paper bags, even doubled ones, without pouting about it like some other stores (or like Walmart, who has fazed them out entirely).

11. Krogers has a whole organic/natural foods section that is laid out sensibly, has good sales and includes hard to find things like good tasting soy ice cream (Husband is allergic to milk), and organic milk that goes on sale for $2.50 2qt.

12. Krogers hires sweet old ladies who coo over my children when we stop to sample stuff. They also give out GOOD cookies from the bakery counter for the children(usually jumbo chocolate chip, sugar or snickerdoodles).. unlike Walmart, which gives hard, cold and mealy mini-shortbread lumps.


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