Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Hidden in Plain sight, or Why I know God cares about the little things...

God has (literally!) led me into a wonderful homeschooling blessing.

This year is our first non-packaged year (we were 100% Abeka before, now My Father's world/Charlotte Mason/eclectic), and I've been so overwhelmed with the need for extensive reading lists (for them and me), having to try things (spend money...) before knowing if it's a good fit, and the whole thing has been exhausting. (including the fact that I'm doing it with a new baby, a toddler in the middle of being very two, etc.)

Here's my blessing...

A couple weeks ago, (the day after DH and I were trying to figure out a way to budget in more HS materials), I visited my Mom after the DC's lessons, and she lives right across the street from a church. She is caring for my grandfather who is in the last stage of Alzheimers, and he receives hospice RN visits. The male nurse came down and gave us a look.. I thought.. "oh no! he thinks we're playing hooky, I'd better explain we're HS'ers!". Turns out.. he is a HS dad AND a priest at the church across the street, AND the church has a private homeschool library that is open to the public for a membership fee of $15.00 a year.. books can be held for an entire year, I can check out as many as I want, no late fees etc.

I made an appt and went today.. came back with a huge box of books, including several expensive curriculum sets that I've been wanting to try.
They have enough top curriculum books and parenting/teaching helps, and reading list material, that I'll never need to buy another piece of curriculum unless I just want to own it for some reason. I also found 20+ excellent books that complement our current topics for my DD's extra reading. Everything from Saxon (all levels), Rod and Staff, Pathways, Abeka, Calvert, Charlotte Mason.... the list goes on and on. I really think I'll be able get all my HS books for the $15.00 membership fee next year.

I'm so excited.. so forgive me if I seem to be gloating.. I feel like doing a happy dance!

This library would have been impossible for me to find on my own. It's not on any of the e-lists I'm on, none of the groups have mentioned it.. and they asked me not to refer people to them.. because they are trying to phase it down to once a month open day... I was their last appt, and last "new" member. Talk about God making a way!

If I hadn't decided to drop by my Mom's for a visit, and hadn't mentioned that we were HS'ing to the nurse/priest (who was late, btw), ... so many things fell into place so that we could be blessed.

It's even more of a blessing.. because I've been so tired and discouraged lately with our HS.. they are learning, but I'm so tired I feel like I'm not making it as interesting/fun etc as I could. I really needed a boost, and now I feel like a kid in a candy shop. We're going to start on our riches tonight, as I'm getting ready to read from one of several Thornton W Burgess books I found.

Just had to do my happy dance somewhere, and I figured my frugal readers would understand why I'm so excited! :D